What We Do

WhatWeDoOur mission is to help your organization communicate better by producing and managing world class content solutions in line with a new or existing communication strategy. Content is What We Do.

What is Content?

To us, content is just about any information that your audience or customer will encounter. People easily recognize the most common forms of customer interaction, those that come through marketing materials such as advertisements, product catalogs, and websites.Our broader view of content recognizes that everything a company and its employees say (even the line worker having drinks with his buddies after hours) is content, and the wisest businesses incorporate content into every element of their operation.

Here are some examples of content that are easy to overlook:

  • What your employees say about your company (even off hours)
  • How you answer your phone
  • Your invoices
  • Product packaging
  • Your Customer Experience
  • Internal documentation

The last item might be surprising until you remember that your customer is not just the person purchasing your product. Every employee has at least one internal customer such as a supervisor, a shareholder, or the guy in the production line who “sells” his work product to the downstream assembler. Understanding this is a prerequisite to developing world class content.


We categorized our content solutions as Strategic, Structural, and Creative to reflect their business purposes. But everything begins with an objective.

Making It Happen – Determining the Objective

What do you want to accomplish? Your goal might be to create an online help resource, for example, or to increase response of a marketing campaign. Whatever your objective, we will design a content solution to get you there.

STRATEGY. For organizations looking to develop a content strategy, we start from the top. We help you define your themes and messaging, the “content purpose” – in order to bridge your business to the customer, then we address the business framework and tactics to implement this strategy, including developing the content STRUCTURE and CREATING the content itself.

STRUCTURE. Organizations that are challenged to improve their existing content require a more comprehensive analysis. The first structural step is usually a content audit. We want to know what you are saying, who is hearing it, and how they are reacting. We also want to understand your existing strategy and content development processes. From there, we will take the steps to improve your messaging appropriately.

Creative Solutions

  • Web/Media Design
  • Online Education
  • Documentation/Reports
  • Video/Animation

CREATION. Content creation is the entry point for organizations that are seeking specific content. This would be something like an instructional video, documentation, or graphic design. In this case, you already know what you need and seek a team to produce your content. Our content solutions include video productions, graphic design, documentation/writing, and more. Regardless of the medium, our design methodology is built to create world class content that can be plugged right into your management system.