About Us

WhoWeAreInfodite began informally in 2006 as Shout It Out! productions when its first client, Dr. Goddess Arts, Education and Management hired us to film a documentary regarding the Raise Your Hand! campaign in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. The campaign centered on a local community’s opposition to the proposed construction of a casino in its neighborhood. Following that episode, Dr. Goddess retained our services to produce and release the features Dr. Goddess, A One Woman Show, and Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail, two acclaimed musical productions.

The production business continued to grow until 2009 when Carnegie Mellon University hired us to build content for its award winning Learning Green online educational programming. What had been a film & video production organization suddenly evolved into a full-spectrum media company, creating, in addition to our range of video offerings, a broad product suite that included web and document design.

In 2012, Infodite formally organized with the state of Pennsylvania as a Limited Liability Company. Our mission today is to help our clients communicate better through intelligent and well-crafted content that meets the three guiding principles for effective messaging.